League Standings - Printing Notes
  1. Please read the instructions, then
    click here to open a new window with a printable version.
  2. Select Print in the new window.
  3. Check your target printer and settings.
    Be sure you are set to print in Landscape orientation
  4. Send to the printer using the Print button in the dialog.

If you are using a more recent version of Internet Explorer...
You can s
elect Print Preview to check that you have the correct Lanscape orientation, and that the age-group color highlighting is active. If not, then click on Page Setup (looks like a gear icon) and select the checkbox for "Print Background Colors and Images".

There is one other task that you may need to do once before trying to print, if you are using an older version of  Internet Explorer.

Within Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu option and select “Internet Options”. Then go to the Advanced tab and scroll down until you find Printing Options. There should be a check box that says something like “Print Background Colors and Images”. That box should be checked. Otherwise you may get black and white with no shading, and will not be able to see the highlighted age groups. You only need to do this once on each computer you use.