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Upcoming 2017 League Representative meetings are scheduled as follows.


League Rep Meetings
Tuesday, Sept. 12 League Rep Meeting, Western Y Youth Development Center at 7pm

Certified Officials - 2017 (Updated June 24, 2017)

Non-Member Employee Swimmers - 2017


2017 Rule Changes

Team Representative Resources

Dual Meet Forms and Information

Conduct of Meet Guidelines

Safety Procedures / Unofficial Heats

Double & Triple Winners / Double-Triple-Quadruple Winners

Age Group Talley Sheet / Age Group Talley Instructions

Media Reporting Instructions

SSL Meet Results Reporting Instructions

Dual Meet Order of Events

Scoring and Clerks Duties

SSL Modified Ballot Instructions

Place Judge Cards

Event Cards Pre-Printed (Distributed in rep packets)

Event Cards - Circle the Info (Distributed in rep packets)

SSL DQ Form (This form or the USA-S form is required)

DQ Record - Meet Summary

SSL Pools Information

Directions to SSL Pools

Link to Dual Meet Schedule & Results

Crescendo Relays  *NEW*

Printable Schedule

End of Season and Championships Information

Sportsmanship Ballot & Rules (Email your vote to

Championship Schedule and Warm-Up Times

SSL Championship Records - Meters

SSL Championship Records - Yards

Time Trials Championship Application (Must be submitted at the March board meeting each year)


Championship Time Trials - Electronic Entry Submission

Click here for Meet Manager 2017 Events File - for use with Team Manager and TM Lite

If you do not own the Team Manager software, you will need to install Team Manager Lite:

     Click here to download the TM Lite Version 7 installation file
      and click here for the SSL TM Lite Installation and Use Instructions


Teams must provide volunteer timers in order for entries to be accepted.

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Olympic Day Information (2017 Updates)

Olympic Day Proclamation Script

Rules and Other Information

2017 Schedule

League Rep Name Directory

SSL League Rules

League Officer Schedule

USA-S Technical Rules

USA-S Technical Rules - 2-Page Summary

SSL By-Laws

Non-Member Employee Declarations

Rep Packet Contents

League Dues Invoice



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